Monday, 25 November 2013

Scrappy Rainbow Log Cabin with Low Volume Border Block Tutorial

Phew! that is a catchy little block name I came up with right there... NOT!

December will see my turn to be Bee Mama in the Mo Stash Bee, quickly followed January Mama for the FQRK Bee {Now the Bumbling Honeys} and, after much deliberation, I have settled on the ever wonderful log cabin block.  Scrappy and Rainbow also being two of my favourite fabricy words, I thought I would throw them into the mix too.

Rainbow Scrappy Log Cabin block with a border

So, here is a quick tutorial for my block which ends up at 13".   I love making log cabins because they appea to my lazy cutting nature... in other words, I just cut my strips as I go along and trim/square up each time. Making two of these blocks at the same time means that you can chain piece and they whiz together in no time.

I took some pics as I made my practice block, so I thought I would share them here in a tutorial for anyone else who wants to make their own version.   It's a perfect beginners block because its super easy and forgiving.

For my blocks
  • I am hoping for a real mix of colour and modern prints.
  • I would love a fussy cut 2.5" square centre.
  • 4 x 1.5" strips for the the first round
  • 4 x 2" strips for the second round
  • 4 x 2.5" strips for the third round  
  • Finally, add a Low Volume border {all the same fabric} of 4 x  1.5" strips 

Here's how I did it...

1.  Cut one 2.5" square and one strip measuring 1.5" x 2.5";


2.  Sew the strip along one side of your square using a 1/4" seam allowance.  I like to go for the right hand side for each new round of the log cabin but you can stitch your strip on any side you like first just remember to sew around clockwise and start on the same side for each new round.  {Even this rule can be broken on these blocks! and they still look fantastic};


3.  Now add another 1.5 strip to the bottom;


4. Here is the first round of 1.5" strips...


5.  The next round on my block is made up of 2" strips;


6.  Add all four 2" strips to make the second round of your log cabin;


7.  I find that a bit of wonk can creep in, so its a good idea to square up your block as you go;


8.  Now for the final colour round of logs and these measure 2.5"...


9.  Add all four;


10.  Finally, add a 1.5" border to your block.  Ideally for my blocks, I would like a low volume border {white/greys tones} or a solid light or medium grey border.


11.  Finished! Yippee!

Rainbow Scrappy Log Cabin block with a border

Here is an inspiration mosaic.  If you are using this tutorial to make your own blocks, the strip widths can vary and you will end up with a more random looking block.  It's just so versatile and forgives any daydreaming errors that might occur.

Bee block ideas

Looking forward to seeing some fun log cabins.


  1. These blocks look great fun Liz. Are both bees making the same block??

  2. You will end up with a really colourful quilt. Di x

  3. Oooh, can I make mine now (for Mo-Stash)? I want to do some sewing, but nothing too complicated and these would be perfect! Also, am about to be deluged by work which has to be done in the evenings, plus Xmas on top! These are my very favourite blocks! Great tutorial too :) XXX

  4. Great block. You'll have a pretty quilt.

  5. What a gorgeous block Liz, I love the rainbow and low volume mix!

  6. Great blocks Liz, I am sure your Bee mates will have fun putting them together

  7. Are we stash busting for FQR? If we are I can get the blocks ready to sew in advance.

  8. Looking forward to this one Liz, not too taxing and very colourful!

  9. I love log cabin quilts and this block is perfect!

  10. Will start mine at the Weekend. Love this srappy block :)

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